Body Mask

This clay comforting restorative assists in removing toxins from the skin. Draw out

impurities unclog pores and remove dead dry cell from the surface of your skin. Brightens the complexion smoothes and refines skin texture improving the luster of the skin. It makes your skin feel so soft


Body Scrub

Body scrubs are great for exfoliating they slough away dead skin cells and nourish the new

skin beneath, leaving you soft and glowing all over. Luxurious cream scrub with natural ingredient of tamarind or Strawberry to exfoliate and deeply nourish your skin at the same time.


Milk Bath

The lactic acid in milk along with its fat and vitamin content is simply unparalleled. It is soothing, nourishing and a gentle exfoliator. It will leave your skin refreshed and renewed, literally. The lactic acid is a natural exfoliator that gently softens and sloughs off the top layer of dead dry skin cells, and stimulates new skin cell growth.